Type-2 Diabetes


Modern western medicine believes this is an incurable disease. TCM practitioners use traditional Chinese medicine to improve and alter the patient’s internal systems — this results not merely in a reduction of symptoms but an actual reversal of the disease process. TCM Practitioner Zheng Chen looks at all factors when treating this condition, including heredity and lifestyle/diet. TCPLUS INC. designs a tailored herbal regimen which is unique to each patient. Most of our Diabetes patients see results within one month, with blood glucose visibly reduced. They can then gradually reduce their western medicine protocols, even insulin injection, after several months’ treatment. This of course would only be done by the family doctor after the proper blood tests. The length of treatment differs from person to person, but the majority of our patients can clearly experience vision enhancement, physical recovery, sleep improvement, blood sugar reduction, and lower blood pressure after the herbal treatment from TCMPLUS INC. Our herbal treatment is effective for both early-phase and long-term Diabetes.