Chinese Treatment for Hair Loss

The growth of technology has meant that people now spend more time on their laptops, watching television and surfing smart phones then doing outdoor activities. Furthermore, as per serval surveys conducted recently an average Indian spends around 4 to 5 hours on their mobile phones. The trend is similar in developed countries like Canada, UK, Germany, France, The USA, etc. As a result the exposure to radiation has increased multifold resulting in several health hazards such as increased stress, headache, body ache, hair loss, etc. Amongst these, the most visible side effect of modern lifestyle has been the hair loss issue. In fact, as per the American Hair Loss Association nearly 66 percent men will experience hair thinning before the age of 35 years. It is also estimated than nearly 80 percent people will lose hair once in their life time. While, it is a natural phenomenon, excessive hair loss is a worrying sign. Thus, it is recommended that people across all age groups should resort to natural medication such as Chinese treatment for hair loss. These medicines make use of herbs which means patients do not have to worry about side effects.

The hair loss issue is prevalent equally amongst both men and women. Hence, hair loss treatment medication is gaining traction amongst masses. Having said this, most English medicines for hair loss treatment have side effects. Thus, it is best to opt for natural medication for treating hair loss issue then opting for surgery or hair transplantation which are costly procedures. And when it comes to natural medicines for this condition there is no better alternative than TCM. The Chinese treatment for hair loss is cost effective, efficient and shows positive results within some weeks to months of initiating the treatment. The treatment comprises of –

  • Diagnosis – In this stage, TCM practitioners identify the exact reason for hair loss which can vary from genetic issues, personal and family history, lifestyle, stress, medicinal side effects, etc.

  • Treatment – It is a multistep procedure and TCM hair loss treatments are no different. They can be broadly classified into following categories –

  • Arresting the hair fall issue

  • Improve immunity and providing Chinese herbal medicine hair growth

  • Post procedural follow ups to check the progress

However, it must be noted that TCM hair loss treatments can prove effective only if patients adhere to all conditions prescribed during the treatment stage. This includes diet plan, medicinal dos and don’ts, lifestyle modifications, etc.

Chinese herbal medicine hair growth is an assured treatment for a confident life provided people are patient and not looking for quick fix solutions. These medicines offer long term relief from hair loss problems. Hence, practitioners advise people to continue using Chinese herbs till this issue is fully resolved and hair growth gains traction.